"The one who saved..." a hushed, sharp, and deep voice was heard on that dark evening. "...The one who saved..."

A female airbender began to ran. Her cloak, a citrus-orange colored cloak shook and waved in the hall. A thunder struck and typhoons were everywhere. She couldn’t hold on anymore, and the firebenders entered the dark, humid hall.

Her name is Qing. She was one of the nuns at the Northern Air Temple who took over the task of learning the young airbenders airbending. She was one of the greatest, Qing achieved her arrow on seventh. She could handle everything, even the hardest things—to teach the young airbenders to master their bending. But only one thing she could not resist, the only thing she was very afraid of... The Judgment Day.

The Judgment Day, the day when all airbenders lost their existence on the world, the day when the end of the beginning started. The prophecy said, that one day, all airbenders will reach their near extinction. But one hope, one, little, fragile, seed will change it all. Change it all to the beginning of the new world.

Without a glance at Qing a firebender set a massive fire wall into the hall. Then, as if satisfied with his work, he turned and walked away slowly, back outside.

A reddish, hot, and really lucent fire spread throughout the lane as Qing finally was trapped at corner of Air Relics. She wiped out her hair and landed a hefty blow on the fire. She used her last blood to erase the fire, and she began to run again. The fire chased after her, and burnt all of the temple. Qing had passed the halls and staircases, and upon the last tower, she stopped. She was out of breath. She know that this was the day. This was her last time on the earth, but she knew, that she would live peacefully after she entered eternity.

“Spirit of Shen,” she began to cry. “I have nothing for you... But I have one, an important request. This is my last hope.”

The malicious firebenders vowed to find the last airbender. Using the air balloons, they burned the temple. A great fire overgrew the mountain range. Over the peak, a dark-grey air appeared over the temple. Inside the hall, Qing prayed again and again.

“Great Shen, Spirit of Tenderness,” she sobbed, sighing once again. “Please give me my last chance to change, to change the world.” She had everything she need, but now, the prophecy explained everything. The last. The end. Of the airbender.

The grey smoke started to vanish but the fire still blazed everywhere. Qing entered her last, highest point and her thoughts were detached from her body. An azure gate began to form around her. The key was unlocked and Qing saw a light, a really illuminating sparkle spread across the air. A blue butterfly flew in the air and suddenly, changed into a seed.

“This is my last hope. Thank you, Great Shen.”

The fire had entered the peak and Qing closed her eyes tightly. She took a deep breath, and finally, the seed started to glow and flew through the air, vanishing from her sight. She laid her body on the floor, grabbing her air pendant. As the fire approached and ate the body. The airbender.

Flew on the air, finally the glow stopped on an island. A bizarre blue clouds emerged from the ocean, surrounding it and the winter had to come that day. The snowflakes fell to the ground, with the glow formed a human body.

"The one who saved... The one who will be the savior..."

At last, Qing, the great airbender, finally entered the eternity.