Hey my fanon-folks! Nice to meet you! Today, Acer is back for good. Please, fasten your seat belts before T-Rex attacks you or a mystical-poison spreads over your body.

Okay, going to the Fanon Bulletin.

Today, currently, we have an explosion on Fanon Portal. Let Fanonbenders bend it all and fix it; we must organize the competition-chain explosion to be more flexible, fun, but organized! Many thanks to Template:User, one of our beloved fanon authors and the one who started the chain! As Minnichi started her writing competition, Template:User followed, with the continuation of their competition; Template:User, Template:User, and Template:User. Just a note to you all, before start a writing competition, take a look at your community; if they're busy, don't publish it before your competition will be an ancient only.

And lately, I heard FRS have an open spot to everyone who's interested. If you're interested, I think FRS will give you a chance to be reviewer. And, let Template:User, Template:User, and Template:User wait!

And in these day, I heard that Template:F had ended, but our discontinued fanon count is exploded. Yeah, I cleaning up the first 200 fanons about their inactivity and discontinuity. So, fanon authors, don't let your fanon categorized as discontinued fanon! Tips for author who's suffering writer's block, ask FL n FA for help! I noticed a lot of experienced users are FL&FA member now, so snag it fast! Ask them for help.

Per community consensus, fanonbending will written in alphabetical order. It makes a big change from last version, which to be honest, I am supporting because "Hey, there is a new nomination!" Apologize, and now, feel free to support! Chase Template:User and Template:User to be the third Fanonbending Master! Congrats to Fanonbending Masters.

Did you ever noticed Template:User's Around the Avatar World? Compete with Henry and MibuWolf, before it's too late!

And in next Featured fanon series and article nominations, we have Template:F and Template:F competing in fanon series nomination. Template:F led the article nomination with two supports! Don't be shy to express your awe to the nominee, or you can nominate your own favorite fanon!

Many thanks to Template:User and Template:User for applying in F.A.S Contest. Please help me with your thoughts about Elements of Life, the current advertisement. Hopefully, everyone will also help me in this case.

Fanonbender always opens to you whenever you want to join. But apologize if you're not accepted yet. It's not because we hate you, but you need experience. Congrats to Template:User for being the latest Fanonbender, I hope you will use your rights and obligation as Fanonbender. To Template:User, don't give up! You can apply again whenever you feel ready.

This is it, now, Acer going off for good.