Hi, fanon-folks. This time, I will present you another writing-from-me, which called The Acenglished Interview! In the inaugural interview, I will present you a to-be legendary writer, Template:User! Don't forget to bring pop-corn and anti T-Rex, before the Tyranthesaurus attack you!

Going to the interview...

1. Hey, Annawan! How are you' doing?

Good, thanks. :)

2. Good to hear. From anyone who don't know, do you have fanon? Can you tell us what is it?

I have a fanon called Child of the War. It is centered around a teenaged, Earth Kingdom boy named Jenju who loses his home and mother to the Fire Nation. His father disappeared after his home was attacked, and Jenju must search for him after he learns that his father has fled to Ba Sing Se.

3. Wow, sounds interesting. What things make you interested to write a fanon?

When I first joined, I was reading several stories in real life that prompted me to write a fanon story. I've always liked to write, so I jumped at the opportunity to write my own story that people would read.

4. Do you have any inspirational people that inspired you in writing?

I have read a variety of genres of books and I really don't have a single favorite one, so I really don't have a favorite author in particular who inspires me.

5. How is Child of the War going? Do you still work on CotW?

I really have not done much work on the story lately, but I recently have began planning out the details of my next chapter. I'm not sure when, but I expect to resume work on the story soon.

6. Nice! I missed CotW a lot! And next, can you give us a little spoilers about next chapter? *evilly smiles*

Sure, no problem. The next chapter will be one of Jenju's final steps to getting to Ba Sing Se; he will have to find a way to get across the East and West Lakes safely. He will try to access the ferries that run across the lake, however, due to the Fire Nation's occupation of Ba Sing Se, they will be unavailable.

7. Ba Sing Se? Whoa... Will Jenju ever meet with his father at last?

That can only be answered when more chapters are released. :p He will encounter /a lot/ of problems in the city.

8. Hehehe... And last, do you have any message and advice for new-writer?

Make sure you plan the main storyline before you start writing. It's best to have a clear view of the end in mind when you plan out the rest of the story.

9. Thanks for let me interview you. What a nice conversation to remember. :)

My pleasure. :)