TITLE: A Life about an odd person going to Fanon Portal - Acenglished!

Hola all :) Now, your AcenglishMaster is going to teach you about Avatar Wiki Fanon Portal. Take a deep breath and tighten your seat belt, let's go.

Don't take this too offensive, guys. Just for fun and I don't mean to offend you! Just let the party begin!

This person has similarities with someone-yue-know-huu from Iar Sea, but not him... BLB! I mean, this person has similarities with me, we both are BLB! BoLinBeifong and BadLuckBrian. He is absolutely nothing for a fanon writer; one day, in a green-land, beneath the blue sky, he saw a portal. He entered the portal and found himself at an urban house without nothing except his braces and clothes.

One day, he wrote a fanon on one-of-the-most-popular-fanon-portal-on-the-internet. He learned that Trillian, one of the legendary heroes from that site was inactive, so he thought that he could copy her works and achieved her popularity. He promised to himself that he will (n)ever give feed the Tyranthesaurus-Rex that he has, but...

He made it.




But suddenly, when he clicked "Send" the whole metaphors and the poetic words...




He went to the living room, and he said, "Nevermind about those words! T.V. is a lot better!"

Unfortunately, when the power button is clicked. . .

He was afraid, so he went to Avatar Wiki; looking for certainty.



"Phew," he said. He got nothing-to-worry, as no one assure about the sequel.

For now.

He dragged his cursor over the Fanon Portal navigation, clicked it, and looking for some reviews.

But wah! Suddenly, a green, emerald-colored sleeves-dressed woman photo emerged from the nothingty. He knew her. He clicked the photo, and "Tarada!!"

A review.

A fanon review.

Not stellar.

But critical.

"9? For a fanon?"

He isn't sure about that score.. Because her name is ...!

Went through her reviews, looking for "Is she easy to give 9?" he got an interesting link to something interesting.



He was interested to join, .....

...But they were too much!

He knew that his skill wasn't good enough for competing with those masters, so... he went to Iar Sea, with holding a "I'm sad now" card.

>On the Iar Sea<

== BadLuckBrian [badluck/web/freenode/ip.123.456.789.22] has joined #wikia-avatar

<AVTT> Hi, Brian;

<Thumb|er> Hola, Brian

<IarSeakid>And we know who's the worst

<IarSeakid>Hi Brian

<BadLuckBrian> Hi all.

== BadLuckBrian has changed nick to Worstwriter

<+Doc> True.

<+Dopey> Wha... Why?

<Worstwriter> I can't write any fanon.

== Awatims has joined #wikia-avatar

<Worstwriter> I'm the worst fanon writer!

<Awatims> Hola, everybody :)

<Awatims> Why? Because no one read it?


He sighed.

Suddenly, a voice knocked far behind. Before the door.

He found himself facing a giant, pinky-cheek human! Really high human for him.

"Heya." he started his conversation.

"Who are you?! How dare you come to my house?!"

"I'm Avatar Fan."

"Ahh.. Avatar. I know it! ...isn't?"

"What... the.... "o.O

"Okay, welcome to my house," he chuckled.

He ended the conversation by went back to fanon portal. "You may use my computer too," the high guy said. Somehow, he clicked Fanonbending page and noticing that those were ended with two winners for now. His and her nomination were closed. Nice.

(His true expression)

Interested the way "How Fanonbending works", he went to the search tab. He searched on history, who was created Fanonbending?

The page explain everything.




"Nothing is artistic from here," he shouted in mad. He went to the kitchen, opened the fridge and took a jar of grey, to green, almost blue, fluidy things. He stick it on the computer and said, "This is art!


This is my first time ever create an English meme, so please, if they are not funny, not qualify the Ozai Grammar-level, or something that make you "this user is odd", apologize.

Sorry if you feel this is offending or something "offensive", but I created this solely for fun purpose, for joke. If there are similarities between real life and images/words above, please don't take this as allusion.