Hey my fanon-folks! Good to see you again! Today, Acer is back for good. Please, fasten your seat belts before T-Rex attacks you or a mystical-poison spreads over your body.... I hope not.

Going to the General Fanon News or I call... Fanon Bulletin.

This time, I just want to say "Buy seven cookies and give them to Vortex author!" I can't see any annoying things on Template:F as you know it has "dark history" in the past. Let's pray for Template:User about his accident, as we know, written in Vortex chapter... He entered comma. Out from the accident, the first prologue was aangmazing! Siriusly? Yes! I see, you can see, the different style blended in one chapter, but blended nicely! Every characters were described vividly, greatly, I love this! You didn't, haven't, will not, won't, never want to, or ignoring to read Template:F? You should check up to dctors because I think your fanon-interest medicine is run out.

And have you noticed that I'm writing again? Yaay! I don't know how many fans of TCA:TFF are there, because the "popularity" or because the "low quality". >.< Just 'kid . Really, I'm back at writing world. [Cough] Thanks for the welcome, Template:USERNAME. [Cough]. ¬¬ Shameless.

Oppa fanon style!
Thanks to Template:User for his fanon style on writing, hilarious one. As you know yesterday, (several days back, actually) he did an "alone flash mob" by singing a really awesomeful song that disturb my whole life because the music broke my lesson on the class as my classmate practicing for art class, so... Sorry for the grammatical errors. That's it.
No offense. Really. I mean, now we have Oppa Fanon Style dance for breaking the dawn barren portal back to glorious.

Did you know that our lovely Template:User back at the barnyard? How nice! We can see her masterpiece on writing by read the latest fanon series that I know, the Template:F and one of the most potential story ever that I've read in Avatar Wiki, authored by Template:User, co-authored by Template:User..... Template:F! [Fireworks] You can read it now, I know you won't disappointed because the concept of the story is intriguing and interesting, moreover the format and organization.

Congratulation for Template:User and Template:User, anyway. Sorry for the lateness, but they both have brought a brilliant fanon series and article last month, by winning the majestic Featured Fanon Nomination. And check the Template:F page regularly, nuff said. I just don't want you missed the voting, like Template:User did on Template:F nomination. But don't flood the voting, because.... Read it before vote it. Also don't forget to say thanks for Template:User for his take-over the F.A.S. I can't, Minnichi can't, fanonbenders can't do that alone, I dare say. A lot of latemess (lateness X mess) were there, as we, fanonbenders are currently not really active as we did in the past. I hope he will do a great job, and I also hope his name will written on Fanonbenders page.

Template:F now just has published its first sneak peek of "Slaves"! The idea of sneak peek was brilliant, just like Template:User's middle name, trendsetter. He don't just trendsetting the sneak peek, but also DeviantArt and Slider, actually. Read the sneak peek and commenting before you want to publish your own sneak peek. ;) And don't forget to bring [[Category:Fanon blog posts because if you don't do it, people won't read it easily.

Okay, through the fanon portal, we don't have anything new, really new, today. Only a note for FRS applicants, I have to tell you that FRS WILL CLOSE THE OPEN SPOT UNTIL THERE ARE AT LEAST "blah" MORE APPLICANTS. So please waiting, or maybe, invite people that maybe potential to be a good reviewer to join. Thank you.

That's all, this time. Acer is going off... For good.