Hey fanon-folks. After a tiring week, finally Acer can go back to work! This time, let's talk about Fanon Portal. *As usual*

Here we go. And here are your coffee and cookies.

This week, we have an intriguing Fanon Trivia Challenge 3 after forever. I mean, "it has been forever since [...]" How's your score? I think FRS rules the scoreboard this time, because, ya, you know, they're readers. Chase Template:User before he got the number 1.  :P Just kidding. Do you enjoy this trivia? I hope yes, because if not, I don't have any fanon trivia contest like that. Anymore. Anyway, props to Template:User for his creation of that trivia contest. Thank you my friend. ;)

And going to Fanonbending, looks like it has been forever since the last winning-fanon series. Thank you for Template:User for his vote to Template:F, at least one vote has been placed. So Fanonbending is not completely dead. And if you have any amazing fanon, don't be too shy to nominate it, but be careful to cast your vote.

I hope Template:User's take and make-over about the Template:F is useful. I mean, he just takes it for days, so I can't say his work is bad. These days I noticed that the system has been dead. Barren. But those barren-thingies aren't Template:User's fault, as you, Template:USERNAME must cast your commentary about the featured and advertised fanon. You, must do it. I hope Godsrule can makeover the system well.

And did you ever think that wikia users are human? I mean, did you ever think about birthday? I hope you all don't miss it next time, but we missed Template:User's birthday! Say happy birthday to her on IRC, or at least in e-mail! Several days ago, she bought her second head, that indicates her age is now, 20. *I'm a psychic! >:}* Happy Birthday! Her works on the wiki should be appreciated. Must be.

And I don't have any more issues about Fanon Portal except.... COME, REVIEW Template:F! I can't wait for the result of Template:AW open spot. I don't think I should win, I mean join, because my time here has... slightly dropped.

But one thing is that I gonna miss you, Template:User, my best reviewer of Template:F. Thanks for your reviews and "encyclopedic" motto for us, as wiki is absolutely nothing without you. Fanon Portal is nothing without you. Good luck in real life, buddy.  :') Yeah, he just went inactive last day, and now we lost one of our best users. See you later in future.

All in all, I want to say happy Thanksgiving, and don't forget to answer at least one of ARG's questions.

Acer is signing off.... For good.