TITLE: Latest General Fanon News


Hey again fanon-folks! You must be tired of hearing from me, but to(night) I have a special information only for.... You! Well, (at least) you may be more bored of Dai Li, that's why I contribute this time.

Well, what does that wordmark mean? Yes. I create the wordmark for Fanon Portal, let's celebrate Christmas--I know you all aren't celebrating Christmas, but this is not about the shepherd or the lambs, but this is about the snow and the gift! I will publish my columns with this image, Countdown to Christmas. DECK THE HALLS, guys!

First of all, I have a suggestion about writing. Fanon writing in Avatar had started since 2009, that's a WOW. Guys, do you know that Inactivity in main portal also effects to us? Hundred dozen of fanons were created since 2009, and we have 5,743 fanon article and series in total. At least we have 760 series and 208 of them were discontinued. What? Yes, the author left.
Guys, come on. I as Fanonbender, don't want to cleaning up the whole fanon series and change them to inactive fanon. The worse news is, per the policy, I got 68 fanon series from Inactive category that I should change to Discontinued. So, we have 25 + 68 = 93 Inactive fanons at first, then after cleaning up, we only have 25 Inactive fanons with 208 "new" Discontinued fanon.

Outside the sadness, let's celebrate a new-upcoming fanon from the most popular author in Avatar Wiki, Template:User! He published the main page of his new fanon, called "Template:F". From the main page, I know it'll be as popular as Template:F, so I hope you folks also enjoy it.

From the Fanonbenders nomination, I also want to say sorry, Template:User, for his failed membership request. I would suggest try some rewording and join us the Fanon community even more. I know you can, so don't give up!

Fanonbending nomination became inactive lately, so I invite you to read a high quality fanon and nominate it!

Did you know that Template:User has back from the burial? He's alive! He's alive! He's back with his The Hunter's Gem. Maybe you haven't heard it, so I suggest you to click Template:F. You should know that all of Wings's work is awesome! But only one lack from Wings is.... Inactivity. I hope my greeting here could keep him alive.

....Hmm, I want to have a longer column than Template:User, but I don't think I could because her rambling power, so... Congratulation for both Emblem of the Outlaw and Slash Trilogy for being good and high-quality written, so both Emblem of the Outlaw and Slash Trilogy are nominated in January 2013 voting proccess! Join us the fun of voting, and don't be too shy to nominate your own favorite! But please notice the "High Quality" criteria. And also in featured fanon article, we have a magnificent creepy (because it was written by ghost) Return to the Cave of Ancients Part 4 and a long, Chapter 10 - Peasant Meets Royalty! Congrats to both article and cast your own vote, guys.

Last comments, Fanon Portal is a group of human behind their own mask. People may go, but we should stay strong.