’Like the cycle of seasons, where the winter is the last temptation of life, and where the beginning of life is in the spring, this story will begin: the tragic moment in which children lose their parents, become orphans, urchins, and live in misery. But in the middle of the scorched forest a sprouts of a tree, a new hope begins to grow. . .”

A beautiful sunset spread over the horizon, shattering onto pieces and reflecting the glistening evening dew on the ground. The little garden of a peasant in an Earth Kingdom village was a very nice place to play in, the laughter and archness of two boys heard at every corner. The sounds of chirping birds tore the silent hill nearby, enlightening the green of the trees. When the younger went outside, the other one had been there waiting for hour to see the glistening water trigger the lilies to bloom.

"Am I late for this?" The younger's expression showed a curious as he stepped toward the lilies in the midst of the garden. While the older still observing the lilies, a glowing fly came to enlightening the vivid colors of the lilies.

The moonlight did not come but the night turned even darker and darker, as the two boys now seen bode near the lilies. "It's called panda lily, rare to be seen but very beautiful when you see it in its perfect phase." The adolescent's unchanged voice began to spoke. "Let's wait until it is in full-bloom."

Winter has been ended for a day, and with a warm weather, approximately four days were needed for panda lilies to bloom. It was a warm evening for a very first night of Spring. The sound of dipping water heard, and the boys started to yawn one another. The yawn grew into a soft roar. "Just for a bloom?"

"Just for a bloom." The older brother shrugged. The emerald-eyed boy


A beautiful sunset spread over the horizon, shattering onto a ripple thin of golden flecks meshing with the grey clouds. The small garden of a peasant in the Earth Kingdom village was a very nice place to play in, the laughter and song of two boys heard everywhere enlightening the green of the trees. The dark of the sky made their day even better, it was a very perfect time to playing with the glowing flies, as the night dew brightening the vivid colors of the blossoming floral. When the younger came first, the midst of the garden was full of blooming flowers, the colors and the petals were visible and looked very vivid, with a glistening dew in each petal. They were panda lilies, rare to be seen but very beautiful in their blossoming time.

The older followed and found himself in the most perfect time to enjoy the relaxing bloom of the lilies. The glowing flies illuminating the ground and reflecting the light, made the garden was very precious to looked at.

"Where are you. . . Je?" The older started to couch, his face remarked a very enjoying expression. The rambling sounds of the chirping birds were rarely heard, but one or even two were brightening that night. While he was lurking behind a tree nearby, one of the panda lilies started to gloom in its most beautiful phase, anyone could notice every dots and stamen stick on it. The younger boy can't persisted in his current position, he was too curious with the lily; he was eight that time. The older came toward the fascinating lilies beneath the glowing flies, and the younger followed behind him. They both kept observing it over and over again, waiting until another blossom blooming.

His name is Jerry, and his older brother was named Jim. They were born to a couple of earthbenders, one from the ample city with its mysterious behind the wall, where the secret of the Earth Kingdom kept. Their mother came from the small landmass of the legendary Avatar, the Kyoshi Island.

"Come here, Jerry! You should see this one! It is blooming!" The gleamed face of the boy

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