Title: 2012, Year of Avatar?

Hey guys. I just noticed that now, we are facing a new year to explore, new year to make it as awesome as before. Many great changes happen from January 2012 to this December. The back of Fanon Portal and a lot of great users, count on me in this case. :P, doubled rollback users count, the new sequel, the graphic novel, and NO MOVIE! Lol, just kidding. But before we prepare our stuffs to welcome the new year, why don't we enjoy a little flashback from the beginning of 2012? What is "2012" for you?

2012: Year of New Hope

The Legend of Korra. Correct, TLoK begun in 2012 for 12 episode. Wait; 12 episode in 2012, what a nice number! As we know, Avatar Wiki is a cycle. A cycle where people begin to come in Summer, and go in next months. In 2011, not so many users went inactive, but many great users did. Template:User, Template:User, Template:User, and many more. Avatar Wiki went to a barren-mode. In late-2011, people begun to say