TITLE: Iroh, Spirits, and the Wiki itself.

Days ago, I was thinking and assessing, was brooding and considering the wiki, and I knew that I've been falling to the deepest mistake ever in every way. I was cheating, I was copying, I've been becoming a plagiarism. I was sin.

Okay, so, don't think I want to offend or harsh to anyone, don't think I'm using "I am better than you" card. We all are same. No administrative right through this blog, I mean administrators don't hold any special card. We play using same card, we play as user with full of sin through the wiki life. I'm speaking in low tone, and let's play.

This is not about my another or second resignation, not about my fanon, not about Dai Li or even about Political things in Avatar Wiki. But, yes, of course someday you will never meet Acer again... on the Wiki.

First, credit for Template:User, Template:User for inspiring me to write this. This is not a plagiarism, but this is what I want to say ever since my first re-join in 2011.

Anyway, speaking about the title, I want to make points about Iroh and the Spirit World. You're now facing the WEIRDEST Iroh fan.

Iroh Edit

When I first watched the series, I don't have any feelings with Aang. I don't really like "Avatar" franchise like currently I do, but one day changed it all. In 2011, I got bored and saw Avatar Wiki, and because the awesomeness of it, I hooked and joined. From that on, my knowledge about Avatar is increasing a lot, and of course, my English. Since then, I re-watched some of the episodes I like.

Iroh. A retired Fire Nation General, a former Crown Prince of the nation, a Grand Lotus of the Order of the White Lotus, a firebending master, and a wise mentor to his nephew, Fire Lord Zuko.

Iroh is all-side awesome. I don't want to say this, really.

Iroh was born to a couple of legendary Fire Nation Royal Family; was meant to be legendary, too. Iroh became the leader of Military of his nation, and succeed almost all of his sieges and war with other nations. This essentially shows that he is a hard worker, clever, and strong crowned prince, rather than his father. His father did not such a legendary wars in his reign, and before he was crowned, Iroh made his legendary wars. Though his works and his famous story made him called "Dragon of the West", he is not a vicious prince.

This implicitly suggests that he followed in the path of the Kyoshi Warriors dutifully throughout the intervening timing, and also that following said duty to the Island was the immediate social background to much of her late childhood and early teenage years, rather than her parents.

Excess of Avatar Wiki that is Edit

An electronic Avatar encyclopedia Edit

I will never ever join this wiki if Ursa page was not created 3 years ago. One thing that became the base and the heart of the Avatar Wiki - the contents. Articles are written in high-quality, we have a lot of long, specific and accurate articles every week. Thanks to everyone who contribute to this Wiki. A lot of short pages are there, but can you tell me where you can find any specific page about pro-bending, with the rules and winner? I don't afraid to tell you that Avatar Wiki is a wonderful Avatar resource. You can't find any Avatar resource with more than 5,785 articles, right?

Avatar Wiki is unique. Guys, you do you ever notice that Gene Yang uses Avatar Wiki as the Avatar resource for writing his graphic novels? We are different from others, guys. We are different, we are Avatar resource that everyone can edit. Even for a lot of people, you can't find any page that need to be edited easily. They're perfect in hiding. Don't get discouraged because the numerous of our lack that we will explore more enough in next phase.

An imaginative Fanon site Edit

Recently, I notice a fanon author pull out his mind to the War Room for removing the Main page Fanon Slider. I fully disagree with his thought, that Fanon should separated from Canon-site. I fully disagree because a lot of good users grow from the Fanon Portal. If you don't know who are they, maybe I should recall Template:User, Template:User, Template:User, and also many others. We can't just separate it because we are one; that's why users in the past merged both the wiki.

Avatar Wiki is also a farm of fanon authors. Many users say Avatar Wiki is better than other fanon site because the strict policy of commenting, and also the warm greetings and reception from others. Avatar Wiki has newsletter, and also specially create a Fanon Newsletter. Once again, we are unique.

A group of namespaces Edit

Not only the Fanon Portal, guys, Avatar Wiki also has a lot of namespaces for every case; people can read an accurate of collective dialogues from every episodes on the Transcript namespace. People can cast their opinions with users who are interested with the M. Nights' movie, Film namespace. People can easily enjoy the information of Avatar franchise game from the Game namespace. And also, do you ever notice that Avatar Wiki is a massive continent of excellent users in which are willing for help to create a perfect resource? We have user group that are strong and perfect in their jobs.

A Community Edit

Years I've been here, a lot of improvements in Avatar Wiki happened. A lot of administrators are resigned in single time, and considerably new users are coming up with their very, very, high quality edits. I love how the Avatar Wiki reach consensus, I love how Avatar Wiki divide the places to socializing and editing, I love the community. From here, I learn how is real world, how I could write English even better, how I can categorize friends and true friends. But, outside from the gloriness of the community, one thing, that is the soul of Avatar Wiki is recognize from others. Being nominated in User of the Month is very touching. As Template:User stated, he is rather inactive right now, but being considered is the main problem. You must have a hardworking spirit inside your body to be considered. You can't just use "Hey, you are my friend, vote for me." card. It is not about winning the voting session, but being considered by one or two users here is really touching me. Lucky you if you know how is the feeling.

Avatar Wiki is absolutely nothing more than an electronic Avatar encylopedia, in people's opinion whose haven't join our community. They just read over the article, sign up for editing, and finally find themselves in our community. Luckily, we have seven good dwarfs that help us in every case: Template:User for the overall cleanup. Template:User with his amazing image wand. Template:User with his anti-vandalism protection. Template:User and his semi-inactivity, but qualitive edits. Template:User with his community spirit and the Ba Sing Se Times. Template:User with his Fanon Portal. And, Template:User with her friendliness.

Deficiency of our Perfect Avatar Resource Edit

And this is the main problem that I want to say. This is the entire point that I want to explore more, the lack and low points of our perfect resource. The shortages and the lack of our wonderful community.

Avatar Wiki Edit

So, going to the wiki itself. The Avatar Wiki has