The morning star gazed the wide green grass on the peak of Black Cliffs. The curly silver hair dangled, covering the crimson velvet. Heartbroken, the old figure stepped through the morning haze, seeing a vivid view of glistening blue ocean beyond. Shining. He smiled.

A single white gull dancing over the skies, flashed up and down all over. Joyous and laughter shown, depicted by the little bird. Clearly as the sun above. The slender figure stopped at one moment, he took his deep breath and began to jump to the cliff. Using his long legs, he left stretch on the ground, didn't mind the cool breeze on the beach. Entering the plain of golden sands, he embarked to swing his two skinny hands that was used to be strong and thewed. He waterbent.

"Ah, water. It has been a long time since I touched purity-"

"Sir, we find him." A crisp but tough voice screeched from the top. The old guy knew that he had to do--waterbending. Again.

He jumped and using the rest of energy he had, he created a big wave, covering his body. A single shout had been heard, though he ignored the crying woman atop the cliff. The woman, green-sleeved with a cone-like hat covering her black straight hair, shouted and called. She stood still, until a troop of archery came, caught her back to the silent forest.


That word.


It was the only word that'd been heard from him; he had fallen.

Three years later

A crimson fresh blood sprayed over the cell. The moaning prisoner stumbled on his bed, grabbing a sharp slab that he call. Friend.

"What are you doing again," A hushed voice came from the gloomy dark chamber. "I'm sorry, but this time I can't sympathize-"

"I'm not looking for your sympathy or whatnot, I simply did that for the sake of our place."

The man stepped through, standing right beside the blemished cell. "Whatever you say," He smirked. "I wanted to help, but..."

"Just go."


"What did he do?"