After surfing through the internet during my Final study, I found a link to read online "Rebound". I know that we were excited for waiting the comic airdate, the conclusion of Zuko and Mai's relationship, and now, we have the answers. Then... Now, onto the fresh "Acenglished!" review, let me analyze Rebound.

The comic appears with an intriguing background that as we didn't know the fate of Zuko and Mai yet. Everyone is already tired to wait The Legend of Korra, and the timing airdate of Rebound takes more people's attention. I admire the perfect timing; and it made me think that the comic was awesome as the wonderful cover shown. My expectation turned 180 degrees when I read the summary in the Avatar Wiki's article, and the disappointing content (read:art) did give a big impact for my view about the comic. However, until yesterday, I didn't read the comic yet.

I found myself in, reading some Avatar franchise comic and also, Rebound. As some people told me that it was a mistake to create that comic, I began to read. And... Let's begin the review:

Storyline Edit

We see a traditional-look of Avatar short comics, and the setting of Aunt Mura's flower shop tells me that Mai begins her new life with her aunt after her departure from the Fire Nation Royal Palace. The